Retirement Planning Courses

The Financial ABC's of Retirement Planning

The Financial ABC's of Retirement Planning Model was developed for people age 50 and up who would like to have an alternative to the typical Wall Street Myths to financial planning. For most conservative investors, Wall Street's approach usually involves more risk than people want to have or know they have in their portfolios.



The Six Pillars of Retirement Income

Six Pillars is a course for those 50 and up who want to know the principles and strategies involved in developing a retirement income that lasts for 30 to 40 years. The materials cover varied aspects of retirement income planning, such as long life income challenges, excess taxation, inflation, healthcare expenses, aspects of making a financial decision, six areas where income is derived for retirement, and income goal setting, while highlighting the ABC Planning Model.



Maximizing your Social Security

The Maximizing Social Security course provides a fundamental working knowledge of the Social Security program as it applies to retirement planning.  The materials cover the history of Social Security, how to qualify for benefits, spousal benefits, widow & widower benefits, taxation of benefits, working while you receive benefits, issues involved in claiming benefits early, and strategies to maximize your benefits while developing an income stream in retirement.